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El Mondo Reports 'ESCÁNDALO • Parlamentario laborista ': 'SCANDAL OF LABOUR POLITICIAN'

Danczuk's 'Crime of Passion' Defence

Under General Franco Simon Could Have Killed Karen!
The report below on the El Mondo website by Marina Bou is interesting
because it gives us a Spanish slant on the strange 'polemics' of the Danzcuk crisis.
El Mondo is perhaps the second most influential national newspaper after
El Pais in Spain.  What English speaking readers should understand when
considering this particular violent incident in the province of Alicante,
is that once upon a time in similar circumstances Simon could have killed
Karen and had a strong defence under the 'crime of passion'.
In the early 1960s, when I was working and living on the Cabo San
Antonio on the Costa Blanca (White Coast), just  up the coast from where the
Danczuk's have their 'house', I was told by my boss of cases in which men in Denia
had killed their wives caught red-handed having affairs and who were then liberated after
murdering them.  The only worry then was for the men, and it was only I believe a defence
for men (not women) who had been cuckolded, to depart their pueblo (town) so that
they themselves would not become victims of a vendetta from members of the victim's family.
As I understand it, the 'Crime of Passion' defence existed in Spain for cuckolded men
like Simon Dancuk, until the death of General Franco in the mid-1970s.  Given the other
excuses and justifications for his curious behaviour Mr. Dancuk, MP for Rochdale, has
come up with so far, I'm surprised he hasn't fallen back on this historic 'crime of passion'
Perhaps even more surprising is the silence of the British feminists over the exploits of the Honorary Member for Rochdale.  What for heavens sake, does the man have to do to incur their wrath?    Apart from Janet Street-Porter on the program 'Looses Women'; so far as I know, only one woman has spoken out against the curious conduct of Simon and Karen Danczuk.  That woman is the former Rochdale Labour Coucillor, Eileen Kershaw, who lives up Whitworth near Rochdale: she wrote a piece entitled 'Pack it in Karen' in the Rochdale Observer, and this was later reprinted under the same title on the Northern Voices' Blog.   

How the Spanish press are reporting the Rochdale 'SCANDAL' as Simon Danczuk, the 'Labour politician' assails his former wife - an translation into English is below
EL parlamentario británico Simon Danczuk, de 49 años, fue arrestado la noche del domingo (date 14th, August 2016) como supuesto autor de un delito de violencia de género contra su mujer en Alicante, el destino elegido por la pareja para disfrutar de sus vacaciones junto a sus dos hijos. Danczuk fue enviado ante un tribunal especializado en este tipo de crímenes en Orihuela, después de que su esposa tuviera que ser trasladada a un hospital con un pequeño corte provocado durante una fuerte discusión.
Tras pasar dos noches en el calabozo (la primera con la Policía Local y la segunda con la Guardia Civil), ella no presentó cargos y el caso fue archivado este martes una vez ambos declararon ante el juez en una audiencia a puerta cerrada.  El político -suspendido por los laboristas en diciembre al admitir que había enviado mensajes de alto contenido sexual a una joven de 17 años- fue liberado el mismo día debido a que su mujer se negó a ratificar en la corte lo que había dicho a la policía. Según la prensa británica, la familia se encontraba de vacaciones en su casa del municipio valenciano de Algorfa cuando empezó la pelea y los vecinos llamaron a la Policía Local, que lo arrestó y lo retuvo en el calabozo hasta que la Guardia Civil lo remitió a los juzgados de Orihuela.
El político -cuyo partido se ha negado a hacer ningún comentario- salió supuestamente de su casa esposado por la policía, tras arrebatarle el teléfono a su esposa y lanzarlo a una piscina al grito de "Karen, sólo quiero hablar contigo". La pelea habría surgido de una escena de celos de Danczuk, que se casó con su mujer tras su elección como parlamentario en 2010 y habría aceptado recientemente su adicción al sexo y una aventura con una joven de 22 años. Ella saltó a la fama después de compartir una serie de fotografías subidas de tono en Internet. La decisión del tribunal aún no es definitiva, pues se puede apelar si cambia de opinión y decide testificar contra su marido.

Escándalo en España
translation of the above report in El

by Marina Bou (London 18/08/2016) on El Mondo website
The polemics of Simon Danczuk:  arrested in Alicante for harassing his partner:
THE British parliamentarian, Simon Danczuk, 49-years-old, was arrested on Sunday (14th, August) for allegedly being the author of an offence of violence against his partner (Karen Danczuk) in Alicante, where the couple were enjoying their holidays with their two sons.  Danczuk appeared before a Special Court for these types of crimes in Orihuela, following which his partner (Karen) was taken to hospital with a small cut provoked during a strong discussion (Spanish journalistic irony or under statement?).
After he past two nights in cell (the first with the local police and the second with the Civil Guards), she (Karen Danczuk) did not present her evidence and the case was filed this Tuesday (16/08/16) and both parties accepted a declaration before a Judge in a private audience. 
The politician, Danczuk – who was suspended by the Labour Party last December when he admitted sending messages with a high sexual content to a young girl of 17-years – was liberated (by the Spanish authorities) on the same day that his partner failed to ratify in the Court what she had previously told the police.  According to the British press , the Danczuk family were taking their vacations in their house in the Valencian municipality of Algorfa when a an argument began and the neighbours called the local police, who the arrested Danczuk and took him to the cells and later to the Civil Guards barracks before placing him before the Judge in Orihuela.
The MP, who did not want to comment, is believed to have left his house in handcuffs with the police, after snatching the telephone of his partner and throwing it into the swimming pool with the cry:  'Only Karen wants to talk to you'.
The row had cropped up after a jealous scene of Danczuk, he had married Karen after his election in 2010, and has recently admitted his addiction to sex and an adventure with a young 22-year-old girl.  For her part, Karen, sprang to fame after she shared a series of risqué photographs on the Internet.  The decision of the Court in Orihuela is not yet final, it is still possible for there to be an appeal if there is a change of opinion and (Karen) should decide to testify against her partner (marido).

Orgreave Truth at Stockport TUC

21st September 7.30 pm
Open Meeting All welcome
Stockport Labour Club
2 Lloyd St, Stockport SK4 1QP

No Justice, No peace
Barbara Jackson, secretary of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign (OTJC) is coming to Stockport to talk about the pickets at the now infamous coking plant which provided fuel for Britain’s steel industry.
Miners, many in shorts and stripped to the waist in the hot summer sun, were unaware of the carnage to come — vicious and unprovoked police violence which turned the countryside into a battlefield.
Launched in November 2012, OTJC wants an independent public inquiry into what happened at Orgreave. It wants the police and the government called to account.
We will be showing the film 'Battle for Orgreave' made in 1985 by Yvette Vanson , part reconstruction and part original footage.

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Too much 'Gaiety' & Lord Mayor of Manchester?

THE art historian, journalist, and critic, Brian Sewell, died in 2015 aged 84.  Four years before his death in July 2011, he wrote in the ‘Daily Mail’:

'Is it true that the lives of heterosexual Mancunians are haplessly intertwined with transvestites, transsexuals, teenage lesbians and a horde of homosexuals across the range?  Is Manchester now the Sodom of the North? Where once we had no gaiety at all, we now perhaps, have rather too much.'

Sewell’s article, ‘What have they done to Corrie?' focused on how Coronation Street characters were becoming increasingly gay, something almost unthinkable, in the days of Ena Sharples and Minnie Caldwell. He wrote:

'The Lesbians, Sophie Webster and Sian Powers caught ‘in flagrante’ by Sophie’s mum Sally. Sean Tully, the barman, set to tie the knot with boyfriend Marcus Dent. Middle-aged cross-dresser, Marc Selby and Hayley Cropper, the first transsexual to appear on the screen in 1998.'

Although Sewell acknowledged that the creator of Coronation Street, Tony Warren, was a homosexual as well as scriptwriter Daman Rochefort, he seemed to think that in this age of political correctness and equal opportunity, minorities are given the opportunity to punch above their weight. After all, gay men are supposed to make up just 6% of the British population. More importantly, he pointed out:

'Scots favour Scots, Irishmen favour the Irish, Armenians favour Armenians, Jews favour Jews, homosexuals have always favoured other homosexuals. Its how minorities gain strength through influence.'

Manchester is known for being one of the most LGBT- friendly cities in the UK. It also has one of the highest numbers of people living with HIV outside of London. The City Council recently elected a 44-year-old gay man, to be the Lord Mayor of Manchester.

'Sworn into his historic role - with a quote from disco legends Abba', Councillor Carl Austin-Behan, from Crumpsall, a former ‘Mr Gay UK’, left school with only one GCSE in drama.  In 1997, he was drummed-out of the RAF when it was discovered that he was a homosexual. Previously employed with Great Manchester Fire Service, he now runs a cleaning company. Councillor Austin-Behan has said that he’s ‘passionate’ about promoting the achievements of Manchester’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, (LGBT) community and will,

'Use his year in office to highlight prejudice towards the Tran’s community and work to make HIV testing more readily available in Greater Manchester.'
The Lord Mayor also believes, that: 

'People with different identities and sexual orientations, shouldn’t just be respected in Manchester, but celebrated.'

Just why any of us should pay respect or celebrate someone, because they are of a particular identity or sexual orientation isn’t quite clear, but it sounds like the most conceited nonsense. Surely, respect is something that is earned and not owed to anyone?  

While Councillor Austin-Behan is to be applauded for his stance on fighting discrimination and for trying to make HIV testing more readily available, it’s clear, that the Lord Mayor’s horizons are extremely limited.  In fact, they don’t seem to stretch much further than Canal Street, the ‘Gay Village’, and what lies in the interests of homosexual’s. To be a successful politician, one needs to be far more circumspect and never forget who is paying you.

Apart from its claim to be a ‘gay-friendly’ city, Manchester also has another claim to fame. In 2011, it was dubbed the child poverty capital of Britain, with some 25,000 children growing-up in severe poverty.  In April 2016, more than 50,000 emergency food supplies were handed out to families across Great Manchester who were struggling to feed themselves in the sixth richest nation on earth.  For many, living in Greater Manchester, life is akin to living in a Northern Poorhouse rather than a Northern Powerhouse.

What the Lord Mayor of Manchester thinks about this appalling state of affairs, isn’t quite clear, because he’s too wrapped up with LGBT issues.  But if anybody deserves our respect and ought to be celebrated, it is in my view, the seven courageous homeless campaigners who Manchester City Labour controlled council tried to jail in September 2015, for up to two-years, for fighting homelessness in the city. I say, give them a medal!

Los Danczuks Tiene Mala Fama!

An English translation will follow on this NV Blog

'Sexting' y alcohol en Westminster

Northern Voices' publishes below an earlier story from the El Mondo* about Simon Danczuk and his philanderings, which is not only bringing the Labour Party into disrepute but is becoming very  damaging to the British body politic.  In his defence Mr. Danczuk has argued that he is only the tip of a rather foul smelling iceberg in British political life and that he should not be singled out:  'What about Boris Johnson'! he says.
EL escándalo del diputado Simon Danczuk salpica al Partido Laborista
Mandó mensajes sexuales a una menor de 17 años cuando estaba de vacaciones en España: "Estaba borracho, cachondo** y solo", confiesa a 'The Sun' CARLOS FRESNEDA, Corresponsal , Londres ;

Estaba borracho, cachondo y solo'... Así ha justificado el diputado británico Simon Danczuk su "desliz" con una menor de 17 años, Sophena Houlihan, a la que envió mensajes sexuales explícitos cuando se encontraba de vacaciones en España, apurando una media de tres botellas de vino por noche, según ha confesado él mismo a 'The Sun'.

Danczuk ha sido expulsado fulminantemente del Partido Laborista y se espera que en los próximos días salga por la puerta trasera de Westminster, periódicamente sacudido por escándalos de sexo, drogas y alcohol. El 'caso Danczuk' ha estallado en medio de la polémica provocada por el empeño del presidente de la Cámara de los Comunes, John Bercow, de ocultar los informes sobre el excesivo consumo de alcohol de sus señorías.
Simon Danczuk, 49 años, diputado por Rochdale, impulsor de la investigación sobre abuso de menores entre la clase política y muy crítico contra las políticas de "izquierda radical" del líder Jeremy Corbyn, asegura que la raíz de todos sus problemas está precisamente en su debilidad por la botella, alimentada estos últimos cinco años por la cultura de Westminster.
"Las mujeres jóvenes han sido siempre mi talón de Aquiles", reconoce también el diputado "cachondo" en sus primeras declaraciones tras el escándalo del "sexting", a tiempo para las uvas. "Mi primera esposa era 10 años más joven que yo, la segunda era 17 años más joven y a mi última novia le sacaba también 17 años".
La primera mujer, Sonia Rossington, no se ha mordido la lengua y ha amenazado con airear todos los antecedentes de "sexo, drogas y alcohol" de su ex, con quien tuvo dos hijos. "Nuestra hija mayor no es mucho más joven que la chica a la que quería "azotar" Simon y nuestro hijo mayor tiene ya muchos problemas en la universidad por compartir su apellido", ha declarado Rossington a The Daily Mail.
Los tabloides británicos han lanzado su particular competición de año nuevo por cuenta del escándalo Danczuk, con especial dedicación a su segunda esposa, Karen, conocida desde hace tiempo como "la reina de los selfies" por su propensión a colgar imágenes de sí misma con impresionantes escotes en las redes sociales. Karen, que trabajó como secretaria del diputado y recibió 14.000 euros al año de "horas extras", ha confirmado que el divorcio se ha cerrado esta semana y ha anunciado que no piensa difamar a su "ex" por dinero.
La tercera mujer en la vida de Danczuk es la concejala Claire Hamilton, 32 años, con quien ligó en la última conferencia del Partido Laborista en Brighton. El romance duró apenas tres meses. La causa directa de la ruptura, según Claire, fue el hallazgo de los mensajes explícitos que el diputado había estado enviando a la cuarta en discordia, la menor Sophena Houlihan (en diciembre cumplió los 18).
"Danczuk dumped" ("Danczuk descartado"), escribió en su cuenta de Twitter Claire Hamilton, que ha relatado cómo el diputado "lloró como un niño" cuando decidió empaquetar sus cosas y ponerle de patitas en la calle, cuando descubrió sus flirteos con la menor.
El diputado asegura que pese al tono de sus mensajes ("Aún no te he visto el culo", "¿Me dejarías azotarte?", "¿Cómo me usarías si estuviera ahí contigo?") nunca se produjo el encuentro. La chica estaba interesada en realidad en conseguir trabajo en la oficina del diputado (así comenzó el contacto entre ambos), aunque según Danczuk fue ella la primera en iniciar el "sexting", insinuando lo bien que quedaría su vestido blanco... extendido en el suelo del apartamento del diputado.
Sophena Houlihan aún no ha dado su versión de los hechos, aunque Simon Danczuk ha entonado ya el 'mea culpa' en la portada de 'The Sun'... "Tengo un problema con el alcohol y ésa es la principal razón por la que mandé esos mensajes. He estado viendo a un psiquiatra y me ha aconsejado que deje el alcohol desde hace seis meses. Me siento horriblemente por todo lo sucedido. Siento también haber decepcionado a mi familia y estoy afrontando lo ocurrido con mis hijos (cinco en total), que ya no tendrán que esperar a hacerse mayores para descubrir todo esto".
El Mundo (Spanish for "The World", full name El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno, "The World of the 21st Century") is the second largest printed daily newspaper in Spain. The paper is considered one of the country's newspapers of record along with El País and ABC.[1]
**  Cachonda may be translated in English as a dog on heat (United Kingdom)
Nuestra perra está cachonda, así que buscamos cruzarla con otro sabueso de raza:  Our dog is on heat and is looking for another dog to cross with and continue the species.

Freedom Collective & the Emperor's Balls

by Les May
IN the UK if the words 'anarchist' and 'collective' appear in close proximity it is likely to conjure up in the readers mind images of a couple of fit young men manhandling an old man. But just at the moment in five cities in the USA they are likely to be greeted with a wry smile.
Last week the anarchist artists group Indecline titled the statues they set up overnight in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and Cleveland 'The Emperor Has No Balls'.
The five identical statues depicted a naked, portly and poorly endowed Donald Trump devoid of testicles.  The New York parks department removed the statues saying 'NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small'.

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Danczuk, Feminism & Family Violence?

by Les May
A REVIEW of Erin Pizzey's book 'Prone to Violence' on Amazon has the title 'A revelation that has remained buried for decades'.  Although, as the reviewer says, Pizzey founded the first refuge for the victims of domestic violence in West London in the 1970s she seems to have been largely forgotten by present day feminists who are more concerned with how many women CEOs there are in the FTSE 100 or whether enough women appear on UK banknotes.

The reasons why are explored in the Amazon review and on Wikipaedia but they can be said to revolve around her claim, based upon her research, that one must distinguish between 'genuine battered women' and 'violence-prone women'.  The former she defined as 'the unwilling and innocent victim of his or her partner's violence' and the latter defined as 'the unwilling victim of his or her own violence.'  Essentially she was arguing that in at least some cases one must recognise a 'mutuality of domestic violence.'

Now you may be tempted to apply this thesis to the Danczuk's. Certainly it would explain why Karen initially made to her family accusations against Simon about an incident in Alicante in 2008, only to withdraw them a short while later and why we have recently seen a rerun of the same behaviour after Simon was arrested, again in Alicante, only for Karen to decline to confirm statements she had made to the police two days earlier, when the matter came to court.  But don't be too hasty.  There may be another explanation.

If Karen had followed through and pressed charges the Danczuk 'gravy train' would have come off the track.  Even Danczuk, brass necked though he is, would have found it difficult to resist the pressure to resign as an MP if he had been found guilty of being a 'wife beater'.  If he can stick it out until 2020 he will receive a further £274,000 in salary during that time.  And then there's the generous expenses, parts of which fund his constituency office which in April re-hired Karen as a part-time employee at a reported salary of £12,000.  If she sticks with him after the recent incident that's going to amount to £40,000 by 2020.

As I pointed out in my article 'Simon Danczuk on his way to the bank' from January of this year, as soon as he ceases to be an MP he is 'Mr Nobody' again.  His lucrative line in 'assisting' newspaper with stories of his indiscretions would dry up immediately. Stories like, 'I was drunk and horny' and 'I need counselling for my sex addiction' are only of interest to the press so long as he is an MP.

But it's not just Simon who appears to benefit from his indiscretions.  Check out the pictures which appeared in the Sun over the past week or so.  Initially Karen was shown with a scarf discretely draped over her right shoulder hiding her wound and the picture credited to 'News Group Newspapers'.  Next day we got the works (a.k.a the full monty) with her 'gruesome' wounds on display and the pictures credited to 'Fame Flynet'.  Was this a 'nice little earner' for Karen?

Then there's today's little offering in 'The Sun on Sunday'.  I was expecting 'My night in a Spanish hell-hole' and 'I need anger management' from Simon.  On expenses of course!  What we got was a double page spread of 'Karen Danczuk on terror of hubby's crazed bust up', 'Wild MP yelled and kicked in glass door', 'I feared he was going to kill me', 'Violent row left me paralysed with fear', and 'I woke up in a pool of bood.. I'm scarred for life'.  And that's just the captions!  Was this another 'nice little earner' for Karen, or was she just being public spirited?

Now call me Mr. Cynical but I cannot help noticing that if Karen had been willing to confirm what she appears to have initially told the Spanish policeman it would have been reported world wide as news and there would have been no Sun exclusive.  Just as 'I'm sorry I haven't a Clue' fans know that 'points mean prizes', seasoned Danczuk watchers know that 'exclusives mean cash'.

Explaining her unwillingness to press charges of domestic violence with, 'Do I want to be the person that finally ends his career?  Do I want to be the person who tells my sons their dad is in prison? No.' this interview may bring about both of these.

We already know that a complaint has been lodged with with Greater Manchester Police asking the force to investigate the allegations.  The seriousness of Karen's claims in the newspaper article are of such a nature they may give an impetus to this and will not doubt provide a basis for further complaints.

I'd be surprised if Rochdale Lib-Dems did not have a finger in this particular pie.  But who can blame them?  Throughout 2014 every possible attempt was made to smear them using the using the real and imaginary claims about Cyril Smith's antics.  Now it must be like Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one, courtesy of the Danczuks!

But don't write off the Danczuk duo just yet.  Karen still has the minor problem of earning a living to pay the bills and no doubt Simon still has access to a smartphone and Twitter.

I have repeatedly urged Rochdale Labour party to begin the process of disengaging itself from Simon Danczuk.  He's bad news and it's not going to get any better.










Simon Danczuk | CommonSpace


From Everton to the Asylum (1861-1948)

by Christopher Draper


John Coleman Kenworthy was one of the North’s most original anarchists. In the 1890’s JCK was Britain’s leading Tolstoyan but his brand of thoughtful, exemplary anarchism is anathema to today’s intolerant adolescent agitators. His ideas are ignored and his life forgotten. Kenworthy didn’t get a mention in Peter Marshall’s monumental 'History of Anarchism', nor George Woodcock’s five-hundred page chronicle and David Goodway overlooked him in 'Anarchist Seeds Beneath the Snow'.  Predating these publications, Max Nettlau’s 'Short History of Anarchism', provides a terse description, 'Christian anarchist writer and journalist' but perceptively emphasises Kenworthy’s Tolstoyan philosophy, 'is rich in libertarian insights we can find nowhere else.'


Liverpool Libertarian

As a Northerner and friend of Jesus it’s unsurprising JCK is overlooked by modern Metropolitan anarchists and even Nettlau failed to accurately record his birth in Everton on 2nd May 1861. JCK’s dad, another John, was an often absent master-mariner who died in 1881 while his mother, Amelia nee Coleman, was a Manchester-born stay-at-home mum.

Raised as a well-educated Methodist, and early on influenced by the ideas of Emerson, Henry George, Ruskin and William Morris, from his late teenage years John was active in the Liverpool socialist movement. Kenworthy then joined Ruskin’s “Guild of St George” and in 1885 became an enthusiastic committee member of Liverpool’s Ruskin Society (LRS, founded 1883). The LRS programme of public talks brought Kenworthy into contact with a variety of interesting characters and he was instrumental in bringing William Morris to Liverpool to address the Society.  By then he was already a family man, with a young son, having married local girl, Eleanor Emily Robinson on 11th September 1883 at St Catherine’s Church, Tranmere.

Throughout the 1880’s Kenworthy’s politics could be loosely described as Christian Socialist but reading a couple of Tolstoy’s books, 'My Religion' and 'What Then Must We Do', in 1890, prompted him to question received opinion of both Jesus and politics. Before arriving at any mature conclusion he departed for America to start a well remunerated career managing a big bacon factory.


Tolstoy Saves JCK’s Bacon

On Christmas Eve 1890 John Coleman Kenworthy and his wife Eleanor and three young children, George, Agnes and Frederick sailed aboard the Adriatic from Liverpool for New York but he never boiled any American bacon. After arriving in the States JCK read the Kreutzner Sonata and like a bolt from the blue realised commerce drove an immoral system and he must to strike out in a diametrically opposite direction, for as Tolstoy explained:

'We live as though we had no connection with the dying washerwoman, the fifteen year-old prostitutes, the woman fagged out by cigarette making and the strained, excessive labour of the old women and children around us who lack a sufficiency of food; we live – enjoying ourselves in luxury – as if there were no connection between those things and our life; we do not wish to see that were it not for our idle, luxurious and depraved way of life, there would not be this excessive toil, and that without this excessive toil such lives as ours would be impossible.'

Kenworthy abandoned business and sought the company of radicals like Ernest Crosby, the USA’s leading promoter of Tolstoy’s works and ideas. Tolstoy denied Christianity its pomp and pretension, insisting on the raw, radical teachings of Christ. Back to the basics of the Sermon on the Mount, 'Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.' Tolstoy’s respect for the Christian Church ended at the fourth century when it ceased opposing authority and climbed into bed with the Emperor Constantine. The Established Church abandoned the dispossessed to become the official religion of the ruling class, the Imperial Roman State.  The Christian Church sold its soul for a mess of potage.

Tolstoy rejected the State which he recognised as the embodiment of force and violence and loyalty to the State amounted to idolatry.  Kenworthy embraced Tolstoy as a Christian Anarchist comrade and so in New York he teamed up with John Edelman and ex-Manchester libertarian, William Charles Owen to found an American William Morris-style Socialist League.  After a transformative eighteen months in the States, Kenworthy returned with his family to work amongst the dispossessed of London’s East End.


'Fellowship of the New Life'

On 29 July 1892, the Kenworthys arrived in England aboard the Mississippi. The family lodged at 6 St Andrew’s Road, Plaistow whilst John worked on various cooperative projects associated with the Mansfield House University Settlement Scheme.  By exploiting old contacts, in 1893 JCK persuaded Liverpool’s Henry Lee Jones Charity to supply his projects with, 'two soup cookers and four children’s soup corners'.  In 1893, he distilled his experiences and political thinking into book entitled, 'The Anatomy of Misery; Plain Lectures on Economics'.

During his time at Mansfield House Kenworthy lectured to The Fellowship of the New Life and wrote for their magazine, Seed Time, which introduced him to Edward Carpenter, Bernard Shaw, Agnes Henry, Henry Salt, Olive Schreiner, John Bruce Wallace and Havelock Ellis.  In Seed Time he explained:
'In our bitterness of heart we have listened to the negations of Karl Marx and shut our ears to the words of the true prophets of the Reconstruction (Carlyle and Ruskin). The healing of society must come from within, through individuals and communities who by living and extending the new life, will at last cast off from Society the slough of the old.'

In 1894 JCK explained his libertarian approach to the anarchist journal FREEDOM under the heading, 'Reconstruction', he firstly expressed his disdain for electoral politics,'Why should we waste time, thought and energy in pulling the legislative jumping-jack which the exploiting classes have set up at Westminster for us to play with?' Latterly he outlined his constructive alternative:  
'If a real co-operative union of workers on a Socialist and fraternal plan were once largely adopted by men and women who possessed the needed right spirit, our country – nay Europe might be fired to a revolution of peace and industry, more deadly to classism, exploitation and oppression of man by man than the whole sum of armed uprising which have been since the world began.'


Communist Anarchism

During 1894 Kenworthy planted the seeds of this new society. He teamed up with John Bruce Wallace to found a 'Brotherhood Trust' in an attempt to organize a million enthusiasts within four years into 'a voluntary Co-operative Commonwealth'.  In May he left the Mansfield Settlement (where Bruce Wallace subsequently became Warden) to act as 'Pastor' to a newly established Croydon Brotherhood Society (CBS). Nellie Shaw described the proceedings:
'Every kind of crank came and aired his views on the open platform, which was provided every Sunday afternoon. Atheists, Spiritualists, Individualists, Communists, Anarchists, ordinary politicians, Vegetarians, Anti-vivisectionists and Anti-vaccinationists – in fact, every kind of “anti” had a welcome and a hearing and had to stand a lively criticism in the discussion which followed…Tea was provided at a moderate charge in the adjoining room where under the gentle influence of the cup that cheers affinities got together, friendships were formed, barriers of class broken down and a feeling of good fellowship prevailed…  It soon became apparent that the gospel of Tolstoy which Kenworthy preached was nothing more or less than Communist Anarchism.'

Having analysed the problems of society in his previous volume, in 1894 JCK published, 'From Bondage to Brotherhood', to argue that effective solutions required the creation of a new kind of co-operative 'Brotherhood' society to replace the cruel, competitive system that caused so much pain and misery.

Kenworthy didn’t confine himself to working within the Brotherhood movement.  In March 1896 he followed Frank Kitz and preceded James Harragan, both high profile anarchists, onto the popular Clerkenwell Green 'Free Discussion' platform.  In May he gave financial support to the 'Land Nationalisation Society – To restore the Land to the People and the People to the Land'.  In July he explained the affinity of Tolstoy’s ideas with those of John Ruskin, William Morris and St Francis of Assisi in the columns of, 'THE NEW AGE' and in September LIBERTY’s libertarian readers learnt, “Why I am Called a Christian Anarchist.”

To some anarchists, Kenworthy’s Christianity was a red rag to a bull, and ex-Unitarian Minister turned born-again Secularist, Touzeau Parris pursued him relentlessly in print yet JCK retained widespread support.  When a large public meeting to demand an amnesty for the imprisoned Walsall Anarchists was organised in April 1896 with Keir Hardie, Tom Mann and David Nicoll on the platform, it’s significant that Kenworthy was selected as Chairman. JCK’s name also appears on posters advertising the 1896 International TUC at Holborn Town Hall, alongside Kropotkin, Edward Carpenter, Louise Michel and Bernard Shaw.  In 1897 Kenworthy lectured the 'Leicester Anarchist-Communists' on 'Fighting the System'.  As he explained in FREEDOM, JCK advocated peaceful class-war, 'The only means to destroy the State is to withdraw from it, to consider all as traitors who in any way sold their labour power to maintain the State.'


From Russia to Leeds

Kenworthy travelled to Russia to visit Tolstoy in 1896 and afterwards the pair continued to correspond, which further increased JCK’s considerable prestige as a conduit of the great man’s ideas. Kenworthy believed Tolstoy had granted him exclusivity over publication of translations of his work in Britain.  In January 1897, FREEDOM reported JCK had sent copies of the anarchist paper to Tolstoy along with his commentary on the recent progress of the libertarian movement in England.  A trip to Yorkshire by JCK proved a great leap forward when local comrades established, “The Leeds Brotherhood Workshop” at 6 Victoria Road, Holbeck. “At present the efforts of the comrades are mostly centred in the making of bicycles and various electrical apparatus. One comrade makes the clothing that is needed by the others, whilst another mends their boots and soon hopes to be making them. Comrades wanting anything in the shape of bikes etc should make an enquiry…”  As Billy MacQueen commented in FREEDOM, 'The experiment is extremely interesting to us who have approached Anarchy from another road'.

That was the beauty of Kenworthy’s politics, 'approaching Anarchy from another road' yet some saw only an unappealing prospect. Although FREEDOM opened its columns to Kenworthy it often appended editorial put-downs:
'Surely both Tolstoy and Kenworthy will admit that there are many things in Christianity which no sensible person can accept since it is a compost of the teachings of many and various individuals, to regard all this as the word of God is really too childish.'  FREEDOM also wasn’t keen on Kenworthy’s advocacy of Tolstoyan 'Non-Resistance': “Since it is obviously a criminal thing to teach men to allow others to do as they please with them. It is simply a downright encouragement of all tyrannies and infamies that mankind has suffered through the long ages.”

This was a distortion of Kenworthy’s politics as “non-resistance” does not simply reduce to allowing others to do as they please.  The crux of JCK’s argument is that moral force can overcome physical force as activists like Gandhi, Rosa Parks, CND and thousands of others have since demonstrated. In a nutshell, Kenworthy argued that there aren’t just two options, supporting the system or fighting against it.  He promoted a third way, non-cooperation, doing things differently. It was an optimistic philosophy that believed in having faith in comrades to do the right thing. As Kenworthy explained in the Brotherhood’s magazine Seed Time:
'Our times impose upon us a necessity which was never before so extreme. We must organize, and that on a grand scale; we must confront capitalist organization by fraternal organization. The healing of society must come about from within; through individuals and communities, who by living and extending the new life will at last cast off from society the slough of the old.'

Whatever FREEDOM’s reservations Kenworthy’s Croydon Brotherhood flourished and as Nellie Shaw observed, fellowship trumped ideology.  Kenworthy’s crowd created a society that radicals wanted to be part of. They were no sackcloth sect but knew how to enjoy themselves.  A surviving sixpenny admission ticket for a January 1897 'Social Evening' promises; “Music! Dancing! Contraptions!” and includes “light refreshments” but advises at the bottom, 'BOMBS EXTRA. BRING YOUR OWN DYNAMITE.'


Anarchist Arcadia

It was the aim of the Brotherhood to establish self-sufficient land colonies and in January 1897 Kenworthy led most of the Croydon crowd off to the promised land of Purleigh, Essex where they’d acquired land from a sympathetic farmer. Over the next couple of years the community grew to include about 65 adults and children with the original core being joined by refugees from foreign regimes where Tolstoyans were harshly persecuted.

JCK continued to spread the political gospel and in April 1897 with the help of local residents, including Eliza Pickard and Tom Ferris, set up a Tolstoyan bicycle workshop at 6 Victoria Road, Leeds. In November, Eliza Pickard, who was later to prove an invaluable comrade, contributed an article on “Anarchism” to Kenworthy’s Brotherhood magazine.

After making a couple of visits to Blackburn at the request of the local ILP, in 1899 Kenworthy succeeded in establishing a Brotherhood workshop there in 1899, with the assistance of Ernest Ames and Tom Ferris who had transferred from Leeds.

Meanwhile divisions of opinions arose at Purleigh over the question of whether anyone should be allowed to just turn up and join the community and at the end of 1898 a group broke away to found their own colony in the Cotswolds, naming it 'Whiteway' (which still operates). Kenworthy stayed in Essex where his two sons, John and George, attended the Quaker school at Saffron Walden.

By 1900, largely thanks to Kenworthy’s efforts, Tolstoy’s influence reached across Britain. There was a Tolstoy Society in Manchester run by Co-op socialist Percy Redfern, a London Society organised by libertarian publisher Charles W Daniels and a Tolstoyan circle in Derby around the Quaker pacifist William Loftus Hare. In Spring 1900, Kenworthy again travelled to Russia to consult with Tolstoy.


Lively Editorship

On his return, JCK continued to lecture around the country until, early in 1902, he was appointed editor of the “Midland Weekly Herald” and took up temporary residence in Bilston.  It was to prove no sinecure and in July he was 'indicted for publishing in his paper an article whereby he attempted to pervert the course of justice'.  It was alleged that Kenworthy, 'commented strongly upon the action of the police in the prosecution of a man who was committed for trial…Kenworthy contended that he had acted from a high sense of duty.  A verdict of guilty was returned…and the accused was bound over.'  After publishing another article that summer, 'that was derogatory to the King…on Tuesday night a crowd repaired to the residence of Mr Kenworthy…  After booing they improvised a battering ram to smash in the door but the police prevented this. Mr Kenworthy appeared in the street and the crowd rushed him but the police again protected him from violence.'

In November 1902 the SUN newspaper published an article headed, “Among the Anarchists: The Gospel of Knife, Revolver, Torch and Bomb” identifying Kenworthy as a leading anarchist exponent of violence. JCK sued and clarified in Court that whilst he would readily describe himself as a “Christian-Anarchist-Communist”, 'his life’s work had been devoted to the warning of Anarchists from violence and of preaching the doctrine of non-resistance''The jury found for the plaintiff' and Kenworthy was awarded £140 damages plus costs.


Trouble in Paradise

Whilst Kenworthy was at Bilston, the Blackburn Brotherhood moved en masse to Purleigh creating an unholy problem. Where Kenworthy promoted an inclusive, thoughtful, ethical and organised anarchy, Ames and Ferris and their acolytes practiced a primitive anarchism more akin to the seventeenth-century 'Ranter' tradition, 'Come one, come all!'  The Blackburn bunch exhorted all and sundry to join them and put no store on sexual exclusivity and at Purleigh this erupted into an interminable rash of prosecutions. Bringing tramps into the community allied to a refusal to immunise caused a fatal epidemic of smallpox that infected the wider population and invited legal action from the local authority. One of Ernest Ames’ sexual partners, Eliza Jane Hepples, subsequently sued him for the maintenance of their three children when he abandoned her for a younger woman. Meanwhile the 31-year-old Tom Ferris seems to have started a sexual relationship with Kenworthy’s daughter, Agnes, who was less than half his age.

Whilst all this was going on JCK realised that exclusive right to publishing Tolstoy in Britain had broken down and various other imprints were operating. In June 1903 Kenworthy threatened to sue Aylmer Maude if he didn’t desist from publishing Tolstoy’s writings.  Feeling under ever increasing pressure, on May 4th, 1904 JCK left Liverpool for New York aboard the Teutonic.  He planned to spend time talking and relaxing with Alonzo Hollister of Mount Lebanon, Columbia, a leading authority on the Shaker movement.


War and Peace

On his return from America, assisted by an old 'Brotherhood' contact, Eliza Pickard, JCK tried to track down his daughter Agnes but with little success. In recent years former comrades had abandoned direct involvement in building 'Jerusalem in England’s Green and Pleasant Land' and instead pinned their hopes on electing Labour politicians to do the job for them. In the new century Tolstoy was but a fading star. Kenworthy was both politically and mentally bereft and his wife, Eleanor, was ill and had to move into a Kelvedon nursing home. In 1909 John Coleman Kenworthy had a mental breakdown and on 24th November was admitted to Essex County Lunatic Asylum.

After leaving their Saffron Walden Quaker school, both of Kenworthy’s sons moved to live at the Whiteway Community as farmers and as “essential workers” were able to avoid the attention of the military during the 1914 war. By then their mother was dead (1912) and their sister, Agnes settled. After a year in the Essex Asylum JCK showed no sign of improvement and so that he could be nearer Eliza Pickard at Leeds he was transferred first to Middlesborough Asylum and then to the 'West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum' (latterly “Stanley Royal Hospital”, Leeds). JCK spent most of the rest of his life in the asylum. Eliza never married and supported JCK so faithfully until her death in 1942, that she was identified at probate as, “Eliza Pickard or Kenworthy”.

Forgotten by erstwhile comrades, John Coleman Kenworthy lived out his final years in 'York City Mental Hospital' at Fulford where he finally passed away on September 13th 1948, aged 87. It would be facile to claim John Coleman Kenworthy was driven mad by an insane society but would it be entirely untrue? Perhaps his steadfast refusal to accommodate to the demands of an iniquitous system whilst all around voted for expediency isolated him beyond bearing but his anarchist gospel still inspires;


“Cease from following after those who dangle before you new Laws, new Acts of Parliament, who ask you to do nothing but – vote!...give heed to those who tell you that the first change is in your hearts, in your own ways of looking upon life and upon each other…if you workers so willed, the General Strike and General Co-operative would gain England for you in a week, and turn it into Paradise in a twelvemonth” (”From Bondage to Brotherhood”, 1894).


For Peace, Love & Anarchy
Christopher Draper, Llandudno (August 2016)

Friday, 19 August 2016

Danczuk's in Boozy Bust-up!

by Les May
IT's deja vu all over again, again!
So after a night in a police cell and a second one in a Civil Guard holding cell, Simon Danczuk left court in Orihuela after state prosecutors asked for the case to be shelved seemingly because ex-wife Karen declined to ratify at court what she’d told police.  The court in question specialised in violence against women so the fact that he is now a free man does not in itself mean that he is entirely without a stain on his character.  Presumably the Spanish police would not have acted in the way they did without good reason. 
This looks awfully like a re-run of what happened in Alicante in August 2008. On that occasion Mr Danczuk called allegations that a row between them escalated into violence ‘vicious mischief making’, adding that they were ‘totally untrue and absolute nonsense’.  A detailed account of what is said to have happened was given on 12 July last year by a Mail on Sunday (MoS ) journalist, David Rose.  It contains the interesting line that 'a spokesman for Mr Danczuk said that the claims of violence were drivel, fed by Trotskyist loons’.  There's the 'T' word again!
At the time I suggested that the then acting leader Harriet Harman should suspend Mr Danczuk temporarily until a new investigation into what happened between the couple in Spain and subsequently, which took into account both the statements made by Karen Danczuk's family to the MoS and the copies of texts sent by Karen to her family. 
Strictly speaking there never was an investigation into what happened in Spain in 2008.  The original investigation was into the behaviour of seven members of Rochdale Labour party in signing a letter to the Rochdale Observer asking for an investigation into what had happened in Spain. 
Given Mr Danczuk's behaviour before he was suspended from the Labour party in December 2015 after the first 'sexting' incident, the irony is that the charges were brought under rule 2A.8 which reads:  'No member of the party shall engage in conduct which in the opinion of the NCC is prejudicial, or in any act which in the opinion of the NCC is grossly detrimental to the party.'
Seemingly writing articles for the Tory press attacking the Labour leader does not fall foul of this rule. 
For me the most interesting question is whether the seemingly dysfunctional family unit that is the Danczuk's will have social workers crawling all over their lives.  Will they be subjected to 'case conferences' and 'core group meetings'?  Will their children find themselves on the 'at risk' register?  Will they find themselves in court explaining why their children should not be placed in foster care?  Or are these just things we reserve for the poor and the 'underclass' who find it difficult to defend themselves?  
Sixty years ago in his 'bible' of social democracy, The Future of Socialism, Tony Crossland made it clear that an equal society is not just about the distribution of income or wealth, it was also about how equally power was distributed in a society.  It's a lesson we have either forgotten or never learned.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Is Watson the 'King Maker' in Labour's leadership election?

by Les May
Originally published in September 2015 an article in the Daily Telegraph contained the following passages; '

During the leadership election, the New Statesman quoted a Labour insider talking about Mr Corbyn and Mr Watson as Trotsky and Stalin. It’s an apt metaphor. Mr Corbyn is an ideologue and a thinker, while Mr Watson is an organiser who understands supremely well how to marshal and employ political power, sometimes to destructive effect. A mere junior minister in Tony Blair’s government, in 2006 Mr Watson assembled and deployed the forces that drove Labour’s most electorally successful leader from office the following year.' and 'A lethally efficient political fixer, Mr Watson works tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the Labour movement under his control.' 

The New Statesman passage published some five weeks before Corbyn was elected leader read;

'And if, as looks likely, Tom Watson becomes deputy leader, would his opponents in the PLP risk handing full control over the party to Watson? One insider described the transition as “swapping Trotsky for Stalin” 

The Stalin jibe comes from the fact that to seize power he constantly expanded the functions of his role as General Secretary of the Central Committee, all the while eliminating any opposition. I did not see these articles at the time. But now that I have it has made me wonder. Are we missing something in thinking the Labour leadership contest is between Corbyn and Smith?

At this point I had better declare an interest. As in the last leadership election contest I will not have a vote nor am I a member of Momentum. But I would readily vote for a Labour party lead by Corbyn. So what I have to say about Smith is not entirely impartial. I find Owen Smith 'a lightweight'. If this is the best 'the plotters' can do then I'm surprised they had the cheek to bother. He may be running on much the same platform as Corbyn, but I'm not sure he has 'the bottle' to carry it out when faced with the murmurings from the still present Blairites (a.k.a Bitterites). Certainly I don't think he would be half so tenacious as Corbyn in insisting that he had a 'mandate' from the membership if Labour's poll ratings did not start to pick up quickly. But perhaps that is the point of the exercise. If Watson really is trying to bring the Labour movement under his control, as the writer of the Telegraph article suggested a year ago, then what better way to do it? Watson has shown a remarkable enthusiasm for using the money from members who joined the Labour party after mid January to make sure they are not eligible to vote. The assumption is that this will help Smith by reducing votes for Corbyn.

Perhaps the expectation is that a Smith win would lead to the pro-Corbyn membership dwindling away and the remainder would accept the safety of a more centralised control and as one Corbyn supporter put it to me 'act as postmen for Labour candidates at election time'. That's something the Parliamentary Labour Party might find very much to its taste if recent performance is anything to go by. If that line of thinking is correct then it would make Watson not just 'the king maker' in this election, but 'the power behind the throne' for the foreseeable future. Perhaps the Labour leadership contest isn't about politics after all. Perhaps its really about who wields the power. If you do have a vote in the ballot please think very carefully how you use it.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Jobcentre worker brands mum of three ‘a scrounging bastard’ in answerphone rant!

Jobcentre worker accidentally leaves answerphone message seemingly branding mum of three a 'scrounging bastard that’s popping out kids like pigs'
"A mum of three from Beckenham was left shaken after a Bromley Jobcentre worker accidentally left an answerphone message seemingly accusing her of being a “scrounging bastard that’s popping out kids like pigs”, it has been reported.

Cecilia Garcia, 44, says she had to give up a job in finance following a difficult marital breakup to care for her three children. Unable to afford the rent, Mrs Garcia reached out for support from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

Last Friday, Mrs Garcia checked her answerphone messages and found a message from jobcentre worker Ann Goode, asking her to get in touch to discuss her benefits claim.
However, Goode didn’t hang up properly and can be heard angrily discussing the case with a colleague.

Unaware she was being recorded, Goode first began talking with her colleague about how much Mrs Garcia was receiving in benefits.

audioBoom: 'Offensive' Bromley Jobcentre voicemail left on Beckenham mum's phone
“That’s almost a thousand pounds a month – 12,000 a year”, she can be overheard saying.

The cruel and “offensive” jobcentre employee can then be heard referring to Mrs Garcia’s name.

“This is Cecilia Garcia. None of them are English names”, says Goode.

In reality, Mrs Garcia has dual Mexican-British nationality and all her three children – aged eight, six and four – were born in the UK.

Goode continues: “I don’t … I just don’t … why are we running around for these people?

“Do you know I resent even doing this work because if I had a person who said I really want a job, I want to go on your case load, yes, all the time, every day of the week.

“But not some scrounging bastard that’s popping out kids like pigs.”

“I’m going to get very politically incorrect this afternoon.”

Rather than being taken aback by Goode’s offensive comments, her jobcentre colleague can be heard saying: “You are, aren’t you? And I don’t blame you one bit”.

Speaking to News Shopper, Mrs Garcia said: “I got sick, I was so upset over the weekend.

“It is really offensive all the things that she says on the voicemail. And it sounds like the other person totally agrees with her.

“The fact that they say things like ‘oh they aren’t even English names’ – this goes beyond everything, saying I pop out kids like pigs.

“I have dual nationality, we did everything right, I’m not illegal. She shouldn’t express this about people from other backgrounds.”

Mrs Garcia says she noticed a change in people’s attitude toward those of a non-British background since the EU referendum.

“We could speak Spanish on the bus or train with no problems but now I tell my children not to speak Spanish in public places because I feel people looking at us like ‘what are they doing here?”, she said.

Mrs Garcia added: “Living on benefits you live on the edge. I study, I have a finance degree. I am trying to go back to work but I had to stop working because I have three children.

“I understand people say that a lot of people are taking benefits but not every single case is the same.”

A DWP spokesperson said they’re taking the incident “extremely seriously” and have launched an investigation."

Posted by Welfare Weekly 4th August 2016

Sunday, 14 August 2016

'Momentum' growing in Tameside against Blairite cronies!

Pro-Business, councillor Kieran Quinn
Last week, Stalybridge and Hyde CLP, voted 68 to 29 in favour of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party in spite of the best efforts of Blairite MP, rotten Jonny Reynolds, to traduce and besmirch the much- loved Corbyn. A source who attended the meeting told NV that Reynolds slagged-off Corbyn and tried to persuade CLP members to adopt the Welsh non-entity Owen Smith. On this occasion the momentum was not in Jonny's favour. Nor did he have much success with his last efforts to get Blairite Liz Kendall MP elected as Labour leader or his best Mate, Peter Mandelson, elected as chancellor of Manchester University. 

Among the higher echelon's of Tameside Labour Party, Corbyn is less popular with the top brass who run Tameside Council. 'Proudly pro-business', Tameside Labour Council leader, Kieran Quinn, voted for Yvette Cooper during the original Labour leadership contest and is in favour of a woman leader.

Quinn, a former post office worker and CWU official, believes that local government is the most efficient form of government. He would believe that, wouldn't he? Both Quinn and his wife Susan, who is also a Tameside Councillor for Droylsden East, pull-in between them over a hundred grand a year in councillors' allowances and expenses including being Chairman of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund and as a Director of New Charter Housing. Although Quinn is reluctant to personally answer correspondence sent to him, he believes that councillors are more accessible to local people than MPs.

Brian Bamford, the Secretary of Tameside Trades Union Council, has told NV that he has been waiting for years to get a written reply from pro-business councillor Quinn, to two letters that he sent him regarding the council's relationship with the construction company Carillion, who have been forced to pay millions in compensation for 'blacklisting' British construction workers.

A local branch of 'Momentum' is now having monthly meetings at the Station Hotel, on Warrington Street, Ashton. Its second meeting takes place on Monday 15 August at 6.30pm. Blairite Jonny Reynolds and the derided carpet-beggar's who run Tameside Council, ought to be wary of deselection and losing their lucrative positions. The 'mighty' Quinn, presides over a council where one-third of the councillors are either married couples, couples or otherwise related, in what is effectively, a one party state of Tameside. It sounds like a shake-up is long overdue and necessary. Now is the time to clean out the Augean Stables.